Group Fundraising

A charity run by volunteers

Contrary to popular belief, our Scout Group, just like all Scout Groups, is a charity. We receive no funding from the Scout Association for the work that we do, nor do our leaders or helpers get paid for their time. In fact, each year we have to pay the Scout Association thousands of pounds simply to remain a part of the Scouting movement.

Our leaders and helpers provide their service to the group in their spare time. They receive nothing in return aside from the satisfaction of seeing the young people in the community grow into successful balanced adults. What is maybe not appreciated is that a lot of the fundraising effort also falls upon the leaders' shoulders, on top of running the weekly meetings and activities for the sections.

We need your help! There are many ways that you can contribute to the finances of the Scout group, and some of them are simpler than you might think.

Where is the money used?

The costs of running a Scout group are often much higher than people realise.

Just like other groups, we have a great many bills to pay each year including the costs and materials for our activities, annual fees to the Scout Association, insurance, rates and maintenance on the Scout hut and grounds, heating and electricity, tents and other camping equipment … the list is almost endless. To cover all of these, the Group needs to raise funds of around £10,000 per year.

The Executive Committee

The Group has an Executive Committee to oversee and manage its fund raising activities, led by our Group Chairman. The Executive Committee meet a few times a year and includes leaders, parents of section members and other supporters.

Fundraising Activities

There are a number of ways in which we raise funds for the group:

Subscriptions: All section members pay a membership subscription per term. This provides the main income for the group. The group also operates the gift aid scheme that permits us to claim a tax rebate on all payment made to the group by tax payers including subscription payments. Please make sure you have completed our form and returned it to the leaders.

Village Fireworks: The Scout Group runs the barbeque stand at the annual village fireworks show. This is always extremely popular and generates some useful publicity for the group.

Christmas Post: The annual village Christmas post is always extremely popular and is used to raise funds for the Cub Pack who organise and run the activity themselves.

Lucky Number Club: The group Lucky Number Club holds a draw every month, giving out cash prizes to three lucky winners each time. Please see our Lucky Number Club page for more details.

easyfundraising logoOnline Shopping: We have teamed up with to allow us to receive donations from online suppliers every time you shop over the internet. Please see our Easy Fundraising page for more details.

Jumble Sales: Jumble sales used to be a regular source of income for the Group and we usually held one every year in the village. However this is becoming increasingly harder to get the necessary volunteer help each year and so they are not as regular as they used to be.

Headquarters Hire: Our headquarters is available for hire at any time when not required for Scouting whether on a regular basis or a one off. Please see here for more details.

Grants and Donations: We always welcome income from outside sources whether for general expenditure within the group or for specific activities. If you become aware of any funds that might be of interest or wish to make a donation to the group, please contact us. You will be making a very valuable contribution to your community and you will always earn our gratitude!

Tell us YOUR ideas!

We are always looking for fundraising ideas, so please let us know if you have any flashes of inspiration. We have a team of fund raisers who always need help with suggestions for making money. They are volunteers too, so if you'd like to become involved with the Scout group to earn some additional cash (even if it is only occasionally) then please contact us. All of your efforts will go towards a very good cause.