Log Book of the Early Years

The 1st Cheddington Scout Troop was first registered on 1st January 1926 with Scout Master F.Holey and 12 boys.

Its registration number is I4560.

Cubs were started 15th March 1928, but there were some years when the troop was more active than others, with no active troop in the years 1932-33, 1943-47 and 1952-62.

From 1963 onwards, however, the Scout Group has been in operation continuously.

Examples of extracts from the log book follow. (Some of the original text and photos can also be seen).

Nov 08th 1928

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (1)

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (2)

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (3)

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (4)

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (5)

Jul 19th 1929 Monument Camp (6)

Aug 1st 1930 Chichester Camp

 Whitsun 1948 Orchard Camp

1948 Guernsey Camp 

Nov 24th 1927: Scouting practices and games.  Talk on Camping.  Commenced Semaphore practise.

Jan 12th 1928: Activities suspended owing to Isolation Order at Cheddington (on account of Scarlet Fever).

Mar  1st 1928: Scout work continued, followed by one mile of tracking.  Returned by Scouts Pace home.

Nov  8th 1928: 'Full House' or as the local reporter would say, 'the building was thronged'. True that would not necessarily mean many in our H.Q.!  Patrol knot tying race revealed the state of some Scouts' memories. The majority appeared to have their uniforms 'in the wash'.  Someone said the emblem of England was 'an apple'.  Yarn and sing-song.

Jul 19th 1929: Monument Camp, Aldbury. The site was in the Symonds field and the night warm with a clear moon and stars.  After bedding down we had cocoa and turned in. . . . A horse and two donkeys were inquisitive at 4am but we had a good night.  None of the troop have watches and the Scoutmaster had to shoo some members back to bed. . . . noticed storm brewing.  Got permission to sleep in a hut belonging to owner of ground and got there just in time.  3 Scouts from Redbourne who were camping on their own came in too.  Settled down for a sing song . . . . Troop did a bit of work on trees as a swell repayment while Scoutmaster took a Redbourn Scout, who had sprained his ankle, back to Redbourne.   After dinners took troop in car to canal to bathe. . . .

Nov 10th 1929: Marched from the Hall with both colours to war memorial for the Armistice Day Service.

Apr 23rd 1930: St George's Day.  Met at Horton.  Quick game of tip and run while the light lasted.  Saluted the flag and 3 cheers for the Chief Scout.  Practised 'Buffalo Bill' for the 'Corroboree'.  Lit fire in orchard and had a camp fire sing song.

Jun 28th 1930: Poor attendance due to many being away on haymaking.

Aug  1st 1930: Summer Camp, Chichester.  After a pleasant journey to Chichester, six Scouts pitched Camp, with every possible convenience. . . After the match the Scouts were invited to tea by Mrs Russell, followed by songs which were lustily sung round a Camp Fire.

There is a long gap in the log book from the end of 1930 until 1967, except for some photographs of summer camps in these years.

Many thanks to Howard Boddy for the information in this page