Unit Programme

September- December 2011




Uniform Cost Notes Venue
12 Kick off meeting No No Hut
19 D of E launch, tents & GPS No No Hut
26 Firetack hunt No No Out & about round Cheddington
Oct 01-02 Bridging event with scouts & guides No £30 Lazer Quest at Braid Wood + overnight camp
03 Sort out kit from Bridging event + D of E No No Hut
10 Pudding club
D of E planning
No No Hut

17 OMG - Explorers in charge No No Hut
Dress for outside. Bring torch
24 No meeting
24 - 26 Snowdonia £35 Wild camping in Snowdonia. Max 6 Explorers
31 Halloween treasure hunt Cheddington
Nov 7 Sticky situation No yes Make your own walking stick
13 Remembrance Sunday Yes No TBA
14 Video nasty part 1 No No Hut
21 Video nasty part 2 No No Hut
26/27 Grimsdyke hike No Yes Competition hike around Chilterns + overnight camp

Kit sort

Build snowman

Yes No Hut
Dec 03 Monopoly Yes Yes 9.00 at Tring for train to London
05 View videos No No Hut
12 Cheddington Xmas display No No Cheddington Village Green
19 Christmas party No No Hut