Thank You for Community Day

A note from Group Chairman Simon Aulton

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all that you did today for Scout Community Week.  I felt the day went well and made a huge impact to the village and particularly the folks of Barkham Close.  The station looks far better following the hard work that went on up there and Tim from London Midland told me that he was going to see what he could do to get London Midland to continue the work.

The planters look good at the entrances to the village, it makes the village very welcoming and gives us a good countryside look.  No doubt it will help with the best kept village competition.  With a little rain overnight we should have them coming in to bloom in the next few days.

The Barkham close garden looks great too, from an unkempt area it has been transformed to a garden that the residents can really enjoy.  Chatting to one of the gentlemen residents of the housing, he was telling me how great it was, he used to keep the garden until he damaged his hips and couldn’t continue.

I also want to thank the companies who have sponsored us by giving support or products.  Dobbies in Milton Keynes were particularly kind, giving lots of plants and a bird table to us for use in the gardens.  Wyvale at Tring gave us lots of great plants from there recycling scheme and Worlds End gave us lots of compost to plant them in.  B&Q gave us a trolley fully of plants from their waste recycling scheme, many of which we were able to use in the planters around the village so you can see them as you travel in and out.  We were also supported by London Midland who provided a skip and sent one of their team to help us with the station.

Finally a big thank you to Nicola Lacey who led the organisation of the day, Nicola was queen of the blagging, contacting our sponsors and persuading them to be very generous with their time and money.  Thank you Nicola.