Cub Uniform and Badges

Cubs should have a full uniform of a Cub Scout sweatshirt, dark trousers and the group scarf.

There are also a number of optional items such as Scout activity trousers, Cub polo shirt and Cub baseball cap which are available from suppliers that can be worn when appropriate but these are not essential. Of these, the most useful is the Cub polo shirt as there are many occasions that this can be worn instead of the sweatshirt.

During normal meetings, it is best to wear a tee-shirt (e.g. the Cub polo shirt) under the sweatshirt to allow the sweatshirt to be taken off during activities.

The scarf, woggle and badges are supplied by the group as part of the investiture; the sweatshirt needs to be purchased by the Cub.


A Cub may wear their Bronze Chief Scout's award on their Cub uniform until they gain their Silver Chief Scout's award.

For badges with several levels, such as participation awards and staged activity badges, only the highest numbered badge achieved should be worn on the uniform. The hghest number earned in the Beaver Colony for each of these awards can continue to be worn on the Cub uniform until superceded by a higher number.

It is essential that every item of uniform is named to ensure lost property can be returned to the right owner.

Where to Buy Uniform

Uniform is available from a number of suppliers. Please click here for full details of all suppliers.