Cheddington Cubs: Rules of the Jungle  

What we expect

The Cheddington cub pack is growing and we realise that to get the most out of each session that we run, we as leaders need to make it clear what we expect of both the pack and of the individuals within it. Fun is at the centre of everything we do and we also try to make sure that as cubs pass through the pack, they grow as individuals into responsible and caring young people. To help them with that and in addition to the cubs scout promise and law , we wish to encourage good behaviour with some simple jungle rules.

  1. Each Cub Scout will show respect to leaders, other Cub Scouts, parents, and guests.
  2. Each Cub Scout will listen and pay attention at all times. If you have a question, put your hand up and wait patiently until the leader has finished talking and you are invited to speak.
  3. Each Cub Scout will respect other Cub Scout's property and other Cub Scouts at all times.
  4. Cub Scout uniform will be worn at every meeting unless directed by the leaders (e.g. a climbing session for example). We ask that mobile phones, game consoles and other similar devices are left at home.

All cubs will be rewarded with a treat at the end of every half term if they show that they can keep to these simple rules.

If you would like a copy of our code of conduct "The Rules of the Jungle", which also details what will happen on the very rare occasions when things go wrong, please contact one of the leaders.   We would ask all parents and cubs to read and understand this document before both signing it and returning to one of Cub Scout Leaders.

Download this file (Rules of the Jungle 3.5.12.pdf)Rules of the Jungle 3.5.12.pdf[ ]266 kB